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Backs on Burnside's team wellness approach to treatment which integrates chiropractic care, massage therapy, self-care education and wellness programs, is what makes the big difference in the lives of our patients. All our therapies are designed to maximize the body's healing powers to alleviate pain, speed recovery, relieve stress and prevent future injury. Our team first focuses on alleviating your pain and tension through chiropractic care and massage. Then we help you break this cycle by teaching you how to prevent injury and relieve your stress.

Se Portland Massage

Did you know that Massage can help relieve Whiplash? If you're suffering from Whiplash, don't put off treatment. There's a caring facility in Se Portland that can help you with Massage therapy and chiropractic treatment to help you recover quickly. Backs on Burnside's unique approach is unlike any other facility in Se Portland because we focus on complete well-being.

You may not notice Whiplash immediately. That's why it's important to seek a consultation with Backs on Burnside to ensure you won't have any future problems. If you've been involved in a car accident, you should seek out Massage therapy and chiropractic care to treat any Whiplash damage. Backs on Burnside is unique in Se Portland because we take the necessary steps to ensure you won't face any future recurring problems. That's why many other Se Portland clients have relied on us for Massage, chiropractic care, and wellness education and resources.